About Us 關於我們

The 2019 Hong Kong Democracy Movement has resulted in the uprooting of many freedom fighters, many of whom have relocated to Canada. We were fortunate enough to have received aid from Canadian-Hongkongers in our journey to safety from persecution by the Chinese Communist Party, because of which we were able to adapt to our new home and new life. Similar to our philosophies before relocation, we believe that we must continue striving for our cause despite the fact that we are now safe. We have become familiar with the process of resettlement in Canada with the help of the local support network of parents and the organization of existing resources, through which we realized we have the ability to help more people seek refuge in Canada.

We will not settle into idle comfort in our new home. We wish to assist freedom fighters currently suppressed and persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party, including citizens of Hong Kong, Tibet, East Turkistan, and Mongolia. We will assist them in resettling and integrating into Canadian society once they have entered Canada. Supports we provide include that of daily living, language, and employment.

We have seen many familiar sights in Canada, including protests and rallies against the Chinese Communist Party. The nation of Canada is protecting people like us – in reciprocity, we have the duty to contribute our experiences and knowledge to ensure Canada retains its liberty, free from infiltration by the hands of the Chinese government.

We wish to raise the awareness of local Canadians regarding issues such as Hong Kong, East Turkistan, Tibet, and Chinese infiltration in Canada through local rallies and international lobbying, such that related policies may be discussed in Parliament.