Two years ago, Hong Kongers rose up and fought for their deserved freedom and democracy against CCP fearlessly. Totalitarian CCP, of course, reacted by stripping off the Hong Kong’s last pieces of freedoms, suppressing the city with fear. As our compatriots could no longer speak up, we, luckily enough to live in freedom, should stand up for our homeland. On the upcoming June 12th, the second anniversary of the June 12th protest, the real start of Hong Kong’s “water revolution”, let us come together. Tell our brothers and sisters that we will never forget them, and tell the world that our fight is not over yet.


We are hosting a car rally event in both Toronto and Calgary. Check out our FB page for details and routes

我們在兩城市, 多倫多 與 卡加利, 舉行車隊遊行暨集會. 詳情請到 FB 的活動專頁.

Toronto / 多倫多
Calgary / 卡加利

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